Dog walker Pacific Beach

Having a dog is so much fun, and it is a big responsibility too. Dogs need healthy nutritious food, lots of fresh water to drink, brushing, vet check-ups and exercise!

Many hours of active walks, training and running. Dog walker as me does all that in Pacific Beach! 
I work with all kind of breeds and ages, from silly puppy to wise senior dog. Pacific Beach is famous for its wide variety of Labrador and retrievers dogs. Every morning and evening you see them walking or running in the neighborhood.

So, what are the major points for Dog Walker Pacific Beach?

Walking and exercising with dog have to be a frequent action and sometimes your busy schedule does not allow you to walk and play with the dog as much as you want.

Or you are going to have a dinner and can not have an evening walk with the dog. In each case, the best option is to call me – the dog walker in Pacific Beach!
 I have a significant practice with walking and running with dogs. It can be a quick walk, a long walk, a run, just speedy walk or hiking. When I walk the golden retriever or lab understand their behavior and try to predict how they are going to act when seeing another dog, child, motorcycle, bike, cat or a bird. It is important to hold the leash in the right position to prevent pulling and running away.

Dog Walker Pacific Beach - Wiggly Tail

Dog Walker in Pacific Beach – Wiggly Tail

I try to entertain dog when bored and follow her favorite route! When I run with a dog – it is usually a few miles training session. Treat and water are after!

Hiking lasts for several hours, and you can choose the level of intensity. I am well known among people as a very responsible dog walker in Pacific Beach. Always on time and with regular updates from the walk with your dog!

Dog walker Pacific Beach and Dog walker La Jolla areas: Mission Beach, Grand Avenue, Garnet Avenue, Ingraham street, Cass street, Mission Boulevard, Turquoise street, Fanuel street, Soledad road.

Dog walker Pacific Beach
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  • quality of service:
  • 12.07.2016

    Thank you! Thank you!
    Kai is si excited her new friend is staying w/her;
    I am so glad to leave with a piece of mind that she will doe loved;
    Have so much fun!

  • quality of service:
  • 15.05.2016

    Palina was great with our dog, Lottie (large Labrador Retriever). Proactive, on time, and very easy to work with. Will definitely be using her in the future!

    Chris B
    Chris B
  • quality of service:
  • 02.04.2016

    Palina was great – she understands dogs and was great with updating me on how Cubby was doing.
    I would definitely recommend her and will use her again!

    Elizabeth L
    Elizabeth L
  • quality of service:
  • 17.03.2016

    Palina is warm and caring and instantly bonded with my 9 year old dog, Lucy, & 16 year old cat, Indie. My dog has shown some slight separation anxiety when we’ve gone on vacation in the past which made me nervous to travel. However, Palina was very attentive & kept my animals well exercised & loved while we were away. Not to mention, she either texted or emailed me daily keeping me updated & even sending me photos & videos of my happy pets. Honestly, I’ve never seen my dog so relaxed as when we came home from our vacation after Palina had pet sit. I will always feel safe & secure knowing my pets are in Palina’s hands.

    Bailey C

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