Few words about me

My story started a long time ago, when I was a child.

Since my childhood, I was always surrounded by dogs, cats, birds and wild nature. My grandfather is a farmer and a dog-breeder. Probably that is why I can bond with any dog or cat… When I turned six, my mom agreed to let me work on the farm for the whole summer, where I was learning to be professional and care. Myself I have had three dogs (German shepherd, fox-terrier, and some unknown pedigree, but very cute) and five cats. I have learned how to be responsible for someones live and health. I took zoology and botanical classes at the European College for two years to find out more about nature and what surround us.

In 2003 I joined a feline club but it was not enough for me and in 2005 I went to a canine club where I found a teacher and started practice puppy training. It was a huge emotional support and a place where I could find friends and actually do something helpful.

I became pet nanny long time ago and at the present day it still makes me happy, and I think I have the best job ever!

I treat all animals with respect, consider our little fellows as the smartest creatures because they can feel your emotional mood and understand you without words… They do not judge, never let you down and will love you unconditionally! Being a dog sitter is not just a job or a hobby for me – it is a part of me, my life and I can not imagine myself without fluffy friends!

About me
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1996 February

Early childhood
Life on a farm, work and fun with greyhounds, delivered first kittens from brittish-blue cat Martha.
Late chilhood
Participation at dogs exhibition and first raining lessons for puppies.

2004 September
School time

My firs puppy Gera – German shepherd, and two cats in the house.
Graduating school – serious work in breeders business and new family members – kitty Princess and puppy Fox. Joining feline club.

2009 June
College time

College time study, work, travel, another dog and joining canine club. Fun weekend with puppies and training lessons.

2016 April
Late college

Late college years – I am a serious pet nanny and studying palliative care in New York.
Now – Pet nanny

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